Thursday, 27 March 2014

What You Think About An Engineer?

Engineering Qualities

I have met many people who underestimate an engineer. They should know that Engineer cannot be judged by his grades. There are many qualities that an engineer posses, but might not found in his CV.
Below are few of those qualities that gives the engineer an extra edge.
Career Scope-
An engineer can become software developer, bank manager, IAS... officer, Business manager or even a BPO assistant.
Working under pressure-
Even though he (might have) never experienced "one night stand" ever but he knows how to survive examinations via "one night studies"
Engineers love to sleep, but they never go to bed early. Nights are not made to be spent sleeping.
Engineers are not lazy they are just highly motivated to procrastinate.
Engineers love everybody, apart from their faculty, project head, Deans, scientists, authors
of their curriculum books, power cutoffs and SLOWW INTERNET.
Team Work-
Team Projects and group seminars might have failed to teach them this quality but mass-bunks and proxy attendance will surely teach the value of team work.
Engineers get to know that world is full of dishonest people, when they join the college just because they have read the words like lavishing infrastructure, supporting faculty, 100% placements in
their college brochures. Also when they get to know that girl's photo they saw on brochure doesn't exist.
Network and relations-
None of the relatives or any friend's mom ask them before but once they graduate everyone calls them at their home (so that they can fix their table fans, mixers or radio transistors).
They recognize people with the mobile phone they carry and their laptop configurations rather than their names or faces.
Fast learning-
Even highly qualified faculty might have failed in teaching them a topic, but he will remember every word of it when his friend dictates it before entering the examination hall.
Learn by Fun-
Playing tic tac toe during class, late night counter strike tournaments, watching T20 with friends and completing Angry birds stages during lab sessions gave engineers more competence than any other sport.
Two engineers saw a hot chick in mall, first reaction: ABE dekh be, Gazab !! second reaction: jaane de yaar aukat ke bahar hai.
Engineers also sacrifice their clean shaved look, to look more hard-working during exams for self motivation.
Resource managements-
Engineers know that a 3G connection and 4Gb pen drive is the first requirement before preparing for practical exams. Engineers know the value of every single bar in Wifi connectivity symbol and phone batteries.
Staying Healthy-
Engineers never compromise with their health, they stay fit and immune due to regular dosage of maggi and backed-Drinks...
ENGINEERING IS NOT JUST A DEGREE ... it teaches you the way of living life like a warrior. Engineering gives a perception and attitude. It teaches you the survival.
Next time you meet an engineer, show some respect… don't ask his grades instead offer a friendly hi-five or a Buddy-Punch (or a weed if he is interested)